Smatree SmaPole S3C Carbon Fibre

Smapole S3C Extendable Floating Pole (12.5"-39.5") for GoPro Cameras
-A flating pole 39.5", but easily carry around, best selfie stick for travelers!
Extendable pole (12.5"-28") closely integrated with a floating pole(12.5"), Smapole S3C (12.5"-39.5") appear.
Two poles can be used alone, or with them connected together.
The extendable pole is divided into 3 sections; each section has a fast spiral lock. Simply twist counter clockwise 1/4 round to release, choose your desired length, and twist clockwise to lock. S3C meets your needs both in water and on land, to be of use in all weather conditions.
The unique combination is really convenient for your trip, dont miss it!

Price: PHP 2,300.00