Viltrox Auto Extension Tube for M4/3

Model: DG-M43

DG-M43 EXTENSION TUBE for Micro Four Thirds is an accessory designed for use Micro Four Thirds lenses to shoot at closer distance with higher magnification.
Since the magnification changes accordircg to the focal length of the lens, you can easily make close-up shots of small subjects, insects or flower.Furthermore, electronic signals between the camera and lens are transferred through the electronic contacts of the Viltrox DG-M43 EXTENSION TUBE Micro Four Thirds, enabling you to use all of the camera's shooting modes. But depending on the shooting conditions, exposure compensation is required.

Size/Weight: F57 10mm / 48 g (Approx)
Size/Weight: F57 16mm / 70 g (Approx)

When using the extension TUBES alone (10mm or 16mm) or combination(10mm + 16mm = 26mm), the focal length of lens should be greater than the length (10mm 16mm or 26mm) of the TUBE/TUBES used.
Suitable lenses are from standard to telephoto as well as macro (micro) lenses. Wide-angle zoom lenses are also usable,but depending on how the lens is combined with the TUBE the distance between lens front and subject may becomeextremely close.

Mounting the DG-M43 EXTENSION TUBE Micro Four Thirds
1. Mount the TUBE onto the lens frst. Align the TUBE's dot (for the lens) with the lens's dot. Then turn the TUBE clockwise until it stops with a click.Be sure to keep the electronic contacts clean to ensure proper connection.
2. Mount this combination to camera body in the same way as mounting the lens on the camera.
3. When using 1 or 2 TUBES in combination, they can be combined freely.
4. To dismount the TUBE and lens from the camera hold in the lens release button on the camera and turn the TUBE counterclockwise.
5. To dismount the lens from the TUBE, depress the release button on the TUBE and turn the lens counterclockwise.

Price: PHP 2,300.00