Wei Feng Monopod

WT1003 Light Weight Aluminum Alloy MOnopod

Folded Height: 540mm
Maximum Operating Height: 1710mm (5.6 feet)
Minimum Height: 540mm
Net Weight: 375g
Maximum Load Weight: 3kg

Price: PHP 1,400.00 (monopod + WF591BH ballhead)
Price: PHP 700.00 (for monopod only without ballhead)

FT1501 Magnesium Alloy Monopod with Ballhead

Made of high quality magnesium alloy, for a sturdy and strong monopod

Folded Height: 495mm
Maximum Operating Height: 1520mm (5 feet)
Minimum Height: 495mm
Net Weight: 570g
Maximum Load Weight: 5kg
Flip Lock

Price: PHP 1,600.00 (monopod + WF591BH ballhead)
Price: PHP 1,200.00 (for monopod only without ballhead)