NiceFoto TTL Studio Flash

Nicefoto B6TTL.M TTL Studio Flash

Why choose the TTL studio flash B series?
* It supports TTL flash for Canon and Nikon, and light body identify and switch automatically. There are flash exposure compensation 3EV too.
* Very fast recycle time, which enable high speed continuous shooting.
* Special designed transmitter, which support remote control, and easy operation.
* Multi/RPT flash. It enables to capture a moving track in one picture.
* Easy to set light ratio in portrait photography.
* TTL flash to make your work become easy and relax. Besides, if you don't want TTL flash, manual flash is OK.
* The normal halogen modeling light is replaced to 10W LED light. 5500K color temperature, longer lifespan, and less power consumption.
* Do you worry about the studio lighting equipment become to hot easily and have to stop working? Now you no need to worry. 2 built-in fans to make it cool down, which enable high speed continuous shooting.
* The light body is made of Aluminum alloy, very durable.
* Adopt plug-in flash tube, easy to be replaced by users.
* It is compatible to Bowens mount, which can use Bowens mount accessories.

Model: B6 TTL.M
Output Power: 600W
GN: 93
Recycling Time: 0.1-1.0S Fuse: 5A Power Variation: 1/128-1/1 0.3th Precise Intervals
Flash Duration Time: 1/800s-1/20000s
Flash Mode: TTL/M/FP/Multi(RPT)
Inner Fan: Built-in 2 fans
LED modeling light: 10W
Triggering mode: 2.4G wireless, optical slave, PC cable
Sensor Distance: 15m
Channel set: 3 groups, 15 channels, ID 00-99
Color Temperature: 5500K
Sync voltage: DC 3-50V

Price: PHP 22,700.00 (no Light Stand & no Softbox, 3months warranty)

What is in the Included?
1pcs. B6 TTL.M Unit
1pcs. Built-in LED Modeling Light
1pcs. Flash Tube
1pcs. Power Cord
1pcs. Lamp Cover
1pcs. Instruction Manual
1pcs. NiceFoto TX-N02 (for Nikon) or TX-C02 (for Canon) Transmitter - choose one only