Sevenoak Mechanical Panoramic Head SK-EBH120

SK-EBH120 is a specially designed light weight and portable mechanical panorama ball head for use with smart phone, Gopro cameras, and light weight camera around 2KG. SK-EBH120 is an easy-to-use time lapse device, users can set different rotating angle and time directly on the device. SK-EBH01 comes with 1/4 screw thread on the top for mounting camera and comes with 1/4 screw hole at the bottom, so it can be used together with tripod, slider or any other device with 1/4 screw thread. With SK-EBH120, users make their own time lapse videos easily with low budget.

Motor: brushless electric machine
Max load capacity: 2KG

Compatible with GoPro, smart phones, 4/3 cameras and light weight DSLRs
Compact and portable
Easy to use
Can be used alone or on tripods or sliders
Durable Aluminum construction
Useful for panorama shooting and time lapse

Price: PHP 600.00