Foldable Studio Softbox

All Softbox is inclusive of speed ring or mounting ring with 2 diffuser, internal and external
Open and Close like an umbrella

Bowen Mount, same mounting as those of Aurora/Orion/etc.:
Softbox 50x70cm or 20x28inch - Price: PHP 1,700.00
Softbox 60x90cm or 24x36inch - Price: PHP 1,900.00
Octagonal Softbox 80cm/32inch - Price: PHP 2,000.00
Octagonal Softbox 120cm/48inch - Price: PHP 2,300.00

Softbox 60x90cm or 24x36inch with GRID - Price: PHP 2,500.00
Octagonal Softbox 80cm/32inch with GRID - Price: PHP 2,600.00
Octagonal Softbox 120cm/48inch with GRID - Price: PHP 3,700.00