KIWIFOTO Lens Adapter Sony E-Mount to Sony Alpha/Minolta AF Lens

Fine finish black anodized aluminium metal design with a brass silver ring the LMA-SM(A)_EM lens mount adapter allows Sony Alpha/Minolta AF lenses to be used on SONY E-Mount NEX Camera such as NEX3/NEX5/NEXC3/NEX5N/NEX7 etc..
This unique adapter is equipped with an "ON/OFF" aperture control ring for user to set the designed aperture. It is manual and does not provide auto-focusing and auto-diaphragm therefore, use the lens in the fully manual exposure mode (M), or in the aperture priority (A) mode. The Focus can be infinity.
Note: Shoot without lens function must be turned on refer to the following steps: Menu-->Set Up-->Release w/o Lens-->Enable-->OK

Price: PHP 1,800.00